A timely narrative of how the Christian faith has been presented in a monolithic manner and the effects it’s had on generations. This book is a wakeup call for non-Christians, and a call for Christians to respond with truth and love rooted in the Gospel.


The Whitewashing of Christianity is informative, insightful, and inspirational, telling a history that’s often hidden, ignored, revised, or unknown.

Confrontational, but not combative, it details how the American church has helped create and maintain the false narrative that Christianity is a white man’s religion and how it has presented most of Africa’s theologians and martyrs as white men and women.

You will be given countless references that chronicle what whitewashing is, how it has been maintained, and more importantly, how we can stop it.

The Whitewashing of Christianity leaves us with the hope that what’s been done historically can be changed. It is compelling, not combative, and written from a place of love and desire to fight for presenting Christianity in a diverse way, and not a culturally monolithic one.

In this Book You’ll Learn

  • Takes you on a historical, sociological, judicial and religious journey of how Christianity has been whitewashed
  • Addresses the negative effects of whitewashing and how many view Christianity as a religion of oppression
  • Presents a full narrative of redemptive history, which finds its roots in Africa
  • Highlights African theologians, philosophers, teachers and martyrs
  • Addresses claims from those that oppose Christianity with sources, scripture, and historical facts
  • Instructs and equips people with how to engage inaccurate claims of Christian history and slavery
  • Addresses the concerns of those that think Christianity is not an indigenous faith of people of African descent
  • Equips churches and organizations with ways to combat whitewashing and move in unity

Jerome Gay challenges popular views that are historically unfounded and issues a challenge that needs to take place within the Christian church. While challenging and eye-opening, you’ll be made aware of a hidden past of accomplishments and contribution of Africa, confronted with a hurtful present of whitewashing effects and inspired by a hopeful future to move forward.

Questions and Answers from the Author

About the Author

Jerome Gay, Jr., is the founder of Vision Church in Raleigh, NC—a gospel-centered, socially conscious, missionally minded, disciple-making church that’s serving Raleigh and surrounding areas. At Vision Church, he serves as the Lead Pastor of Teaching, Preaching, and Vision.

Jerome also serves on the board of Thriving, an urban resource collective that equips and trains urban practitioners for ministry and impact. He speaks to churches and organizations all over the country. He has a Master’s Degree in Christian Studies and Ethics from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Jerome is married to his lovely wife, Crystal Gay, and is the father of Jamari Christina Gay and Jerome Jordan Gay III.

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  • This is a necessary book that helps correct the false narrative that Christianity is a white man’s religion. Jerome Gay did a fantastic job!

    Lisa Fields
    Lisa Fields Jude 3 Project
  • This work is beyond past due. Whiteness has been exalted in the world and unfortunately in the church of Jesus Christ. From painting history white to asserting whiteness by assuming that Jesus is white has had a horrid impact on the Black community. That is why this work by Jerome Gay is extremely vital to the global body. Everyone from black mystery groups and ideologies to white Christians needs this. The 100-year silence is over and Jerome's work will ring heavy to aid generations who will never have to struggle as we did. They will have answers to the reality that Christianity is a global faith for all people rooted in the gospel.

    Dr. Eric Mason
    Dr. Eric Mason Lead Pastor / Epiphany Fellowship
  • Change begins with a conversation. Jerome Gay’s The Whitewashing of Christianity is a nuanced take on how a global faith has been applied locally across the American landscape. Helping readers navigate through Christianity’s hidden past and hurtful present, Gay amplifies the redemptive work of Christ in order to direct our attention towards the hopeful future He promised to His followers.

    Damon Horton
    Damon Horton Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies
  • This is a profoundly helpful book that will guide all people in understanding the Gospel and race in a Christocentric way. Jerome has written this book with a tone of pastoral-care and passionate pursuit of unity and reconciliation. This book will challenge everything you ever understood in the area of the Gospel and race with the truths of scripture, history, and Jerome’s experiences that flood every page. After reading this book, I’m sure some will feel confronted; some will feel vindicated, but none will be unclear about Jesus’s heart for all people. Get this book, Read it, study it, teach it, heed it.

    Dr. Doug Logan, Jr.
    Dr. Doug Logan, Jr. Grimke Seminary / President
  • Truth can be wielded either as a knife, which harms, or a scalpel, which heals. The Whitewashing of Christianity is a much-needed scalpel, exposing the truth of Christianity, but in a way that fosters true healing and reconciliation. I pray this book, written by my friend Pastor Jerome Gay, gets a wide reading and is used greatly to bring people to Christ, and open the eyes of so many who have been blind to these historical realities.

    Dr. Bryan Loritts
    Dr. Bryan Loritts Author

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