Have you ever been deeply hurt by the church, a church member, or a pastor?

We all have the ability to cause church hurt, whether intentional or not. This kind of hurt is a pain that distances sufferers from their communities and from God.

It’s a scheme of the enemy designed to divide and destroy the church when not handled with Scripture and addressed in love. Once you know what it is you can determine the best way to move toward healing.

We tend to blame Jesus, instead of people, for church hurt. Yet, no one has more church hurt than Jesus – but he still loves the church! We’re supposed to be a part of someone’s healing process, not the hurting process.

With the gospel, the person who causes the hurt can be part of the healing. With Jesus, we can redeem the hurt. Take comfort in the promises of God and overcome the reality of Church Hurt.

In this Book You’ll Learn

  • Understand the reason behind church hurt for members and pastors
  • Identify the Key aspects of church hurt
  • Recognize and address spiritual abuse
  • Clarify the role of pastors and the role of church members
  • Determine healthy expectations of yourself and others
  • Exchange bitterness for forgiveness.
  • Pursue healing for yourself and in relevant relationships
  • Reconstruct faith after church hurt and deconstruction

Plus, workbook sections will help you delve into your own areas of hurt -both received and inflicted and will equip you to begin pursuing healing, forgiveness and reconciliation

About the Author

Jerome Gay, Jr., is the founder of Vision Church in Raleigh, NC—a gospel-centered, socially conscious, missionally minded, disciple-making church that’s serving Raleigh and surrounding areas. At Vision Church, he serves as the Lead Pastor of Teaching, Preaching, and Vision.

Jerome also serves on the board of Thriving, an urban resource collective that equips and trains urban practitioners for ministry and impact. He speaks to churches and organizations all over the country. He has a Master’s Degree in Christian Studies and Ethics from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Jerome is married to his lovely wife, Crystal Gay, and is the father of Jamari Christina Gay and Jerome Jordan Gay III.

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  • It is impossible to be a part of the Church and not get hurt. Given this, it is striking how few books have addressed this topic and how Christians should respond to church hurt in a biblical and restorative way. Jerome Gay has done exactly that. Readers of this book will find solid biblical principles with which to process church hurt and practical tools to grow godly communities of healing.

    Dr. Vince Bantu
    Dr. Vince Bantu Meachum School of Haymanot / Ohene
  • In his book CHURCH HURT; Holding the Church Accountable and Helping Hurt People Heal, Jerome Gay captures what is most likely the most balanced perspective of the topic as I ever read. Every person who has ever experienced any degree of hurt from the church, whether member, visitor, or pastor, will be thankful for this book as it transparently and compassionately addresses the many layers, complexities, factors, and causes of church hurt, while making no excuses, and leaving plenty of insights and practical next steps to dealing with the issue from all perspectives. Jerome's shepherd heart is unmistakably evident in this much needed tackling of one of the most prominent subjects in the Church and across social media today. As a person who has personally and profoundly experienced church hurt from a spiritual abuse standpoint, I greatly appreciate the great care, concern, and thoughtfulness that Jerome put into helping the hurting find healing, hope and restoration through the abundant love of Christ and his Word.

    Damon Richardson
    Damon Richardson UrbanLogia Ministries / Christian apologist
  • It is works like these that reemphasize the truth that God has not forgotten us. Many of us have wept over the wreckage caused by the uniquely devastating sin of spiritual abuse.  We’ve seen the fall out, the trauma, the sullied reputation of our Lord - we’ve pondered “Lord, what will become of your church, now?” To which the Lord always responds “she will become whole.”  God has not given up on his people, He is always moving to help, hold, and to heal. I am convinced that this volume you now hold in your hands is apart of that divine initiative! Thank you Pastor Jerome for this amazing piece of literature that delivers on holding the church accountable and helping hurt people heal. Everyone should get this book no matter what side of church hurt you’re on or have experienced!

    KB Hip Hop artist, Author, Podcaster
  • I don't think there is a more comprehensive treatment of the modern day endemic of church hurt than Jerome Gay's latest release, 'Church Hurt: Holding the Church Accountable and Helping Hurt People Heal'.
    When one thinks of church hurt, a toxic church leader abusing an innocent church member probably comes to mind. Jerome reminds us that as fallen people in fellowship, church hurt happens in healthy Church spaces just as it does in toxic ones, and can be suffered by pastors as well as congregants.
    With the love of a Shepherd and the sensitivity of one who is "neither unharmed nor unhealed", Jerome uses a healthy dose of Scripture and storytelling to define and offer a healthy healing path forward from church hurt. This is truly a must read by anyone connected to the Church past or present.
    Richelle Bryan
    Richelle Bryan Apologetics in the City 
  • Right out the gate, Pastor Jerome Gay Jr exposes his own hurts but stamps that he will not give up on the church. This sets the tone for the book to deal with the reality of hurt within the church from the pulpit to the pew. This book "is not" simply about hurtful experiences but presents principles rooted in the Scriptures that lead to healing and reconciliation. The book "Church Hurt" by Pastor Jerome Gay Jr. excellently navigates this issue of hurt in the church and leads us to the one who brings wholeness; Jesus Christ.

    William Bennett
    William Bennett City of Refuge Ministries / Pastor

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